Screen management

Making the most of a LED Screen can be quite a challenge. Not only is it important that the right content is shown, but also that it is shown at the right time. For example, are you located in a high-traffic view location? Then you want to be able to show different content at certain times of the day, for example during rush hour.
Moreover, you want to be able to use your screen without any care. What to do, for example, if your screen doesn’t show up anymore? Or show the wrong content?
At such a moment you can rely on the service of Megalux. Remotely and if necessary on location.

We offer you the choice of a number of LED Screen Operation service subscriptions. Depending on your wishes. From simple to extensive or real customization. For example, if you need to be operational 24/7/365. And easily customizable so you can enjoy an always-appropriate content.

Curious? Enquire about the possibilities.

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