Touchscreen MUPI

Clearly communicating with your customers in an appropriate way because of Corona?

How can you communicate with your customers in a physical environment? Of course, you can use stickers and posters. But images are proven to work better. By means of an LCD mupi touch screen you can easily use digital signage. Megalux’s LCD touchscreen MUPI is ideal for use in shops, hotels, shopping malls, clinics and buildings publicly. For example, show what the precautions are in your environment so that customers can properly adhere to them. Safety above all else. Team Megalux.

Dimensions: 47″, 49″, 55″
Housing: Aluminium, steel, glass;
Use: Indoor
Lifespan: 50,000 / 60,000 hours
Dimensions: 72x192x8 cm , 90x200x8 cm
CPU PC&RAM: Minimum i5 2GB
Speakers: Built-in
Colours: 1.67 M
Input voltage: 100 -240V 50/60 Hz