RNX series indoor

The RNX series is a particularly curved LED screen for indoor use. The product is ideal for advertising in shops, trade fairs, shopping malls, airports, train stations, etc. The special thing about these LED screens is the ability to make turns, circles, etc. This allows you to set up screens in special forms. The RNX Series LED screens have a very light structure with the possibility of maintenance on the front and/or rear. Pixel density of 2.6 3.2 or 4.0 mm. Remote management and monitoring capability. Wide viewing angle and high contrast.


  • SMD LEDs with high brightness and wider viewing angle.
  • Available in different pixel pits between 4 and 7 mm.
  • Special aluminum structure, 50 lighter than steel.
  • Highest brightness, perfect display effect.
  • Different aspect ratios possible.
  • Automatic heat dissipation and quiet (without a fan).
  • Rear maintenance, available with front maintenance
  • High refresh rate
  • IP31 protection index for Indoor use.
  • Shallow structure (70/90 mm).
  • Megalux two-year extended product warranty.
  • Various accessories available as connectors, sensors
    Brightness, rigs, video processors, etc.