PFX Series Outdoor

The PFX Series LED Screens have a high brightness. They have a larger pixel pitch than the LRX Series, between 6 and 10 mm. These LED screens are often applied to façades, signs, monoposts and buildings. Like many of our screens, they also have the ability for remote management and monitoring. Available with front and rear access and LEDS type SMD and DIP. The LED Screens are equipped with an aluminum structure to reduce weight and increase heat dissipation.


  • LEDs type DIP or SMD with 1R1G1B configuration
  • With the possibility of remote management and monitoring
  • High-quality aluminium structure for outdoor use
  • High brightness, perfect for very sunny surroundings
  • Modular design enables diversified aspect ratios
  • Optimal heat dissipation assisted by the structure
  • Quick maintenance with the patented Hot Swap system
  • High refresh rate
  • IP65 outdoor protection index
  • Low energy consumption due to EBS technology
  • Megalux two-year extended warranty
  • Panels available in 800×800, 800×1200, 1200×800 and 1200×1200 mm
  • Various accessories available such as brightness sensors, connectors, video processors etc.