ERX series Indoor

The ERX series concerns an ad LED screen with a high resolution and a wide viewing angle. The LED screen is specially designed for fast assembly with high resolution and the possibility of maintenance from the front or rear. This LED screen is ideal for events or fixed installations inside. And has a pixel density between 2.9 and 4.8 mm. Remote control and monitoring capability and very light aluminium structure.


  • SMD 1R1G1B LEDs with high brightness and wide viewing angle.
  • Possibility of monitoring and remote control.
  • High aluminium structure, quality for indoor use.
  • Reduced panel weight for easy installation.
  • Optional option to choose a curved screen.
  • Modular design to match the required dimensions.
  • High heat dissipation by structure of the panel.
  • Front maintenance with Hot Swap system.
  • High refresh rate of images.
  • IP30 protection for indoor use.
  • Low energy consumption due to EBS technology.
  • Megalux 2 year extended product warranty.
  • Panel display 500×500 and 500×1000 mm.
  • Various accessories available, such as brightness sensors, connectors, rigging bars, video processors, etc.