Outdoor LED Screens

Large format LED Screens that we find in various outdoor locations are the future of advertising and increasingly replace billboards. Outdoor LED Advertising screens can achieve structurally better commercial results. Outdoor LED Screens also often touch a wide audience and bring their message effectively. Commercial messages brought out via digital signage achieve a significantly higher attention value than most other means.

Since large format LED Screens are no longer the exclusive investment of companies with huge budgets, SMEs are also discovering the benefits of large format LED Screens. Thanks to the great technological advances in LED Screens, combined with our services and options such as LED as a service, your own LED Screen comes within reach. Megalux offers a wide range of outdoor LED Screens that can meet all needs. Our LED Screens are among the global top and offer high durability, top quality and economic energy consumption. So you can also take into account the ecological footprint of your company.