LED screens



Blitz Casino

Blitz Casino Antwerp stands out with a large Megalux LED Display behind the entire façade.

Philips stadium

Philips Stadium chooses Megalux for its new gigantic LED Display of 60 m2.

PSV Eindhoven

PSV Eindhoven installs 380 m2 Megalux LED Screens within the stadium.

Merca Madrid

Merca is the largest distribution, processing and logistics platform for fresh food in Spain.

LED as a service

The purchase of an LED Screen often requires a considerable investment. Would you rather only pay for use? That’s possible. Megalux offers you the opportunity to use our “LED as a service”. Want to know more? We’d be happy to help you.


Finding a suitable LED Screen requires professional advice. The screen is only the first step. After all, what content should be shown? Where do you get it? How do you keep it up to date? And are you always operational? I’d rather not worry? Megalux’s professionals are happy to help you.

After Sales

When we have delivered and installed an LED screen, our service does not stop. Depending on the wishes, we can take the management, content and technical maintenance out of our hands. We make sure that you remain satisfied even after purchasing our product.


The LED Screens we supplie are of top quality. They do what they are meant to do and do it well and for a long time. Not for nothing do we grant standard 2 year warranty. Use and install our products according to the regulations.

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